We have a selection of different shades of window film available

5% limo tint

18% dark smoke

35% medium

55% light smoke

70% ultra light smoke

All of these shades reduce heat and glare by 65% while stopping 99% of harmful UV rays. Get in touch if you would like your windows tinted.


When it comes to Wrapping, Crookys Customs can offer multiple options: part wraps, full wraps, wing mirrors etc. If you would like to have anything else wrapped, don’t hesitate to ask if we can do it for you. 

Our vinyl is supplied by a variety of companies such as Avery, Hexix, 3M and others, all of which vary in price. If you would like vinyl from a specific manufacturer, do not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to try to source it for you.


Viezu Technologies was established with one clear goal, to offer the very best vehicle ecu remapping and car tuning service available anywhere in the world. Viezu has been driving for perfection in the science of car tuning and REMAP SOFTWARE without compromise for many years. At Viezu nothing is left to chance, our remap and ecu mapping R&D is the most serious and dedicated in the ecu mapping and chip tuning industry bar none.

Use our Vehicle Lookup Facility for more information.


Mini Valets / Full Valets 

Engine Bay Cleaning / Detailing

Paint Correction / Enhancement

Wheel / Glass Sealants 

Ceramic coatings from SB³

Flyover 6 month sealant 

Solo 1 year coating 

Omega 2 year coating

Moto 3 year coating 

Alpha 5 year coating 

Optic glass ceramic coating 

Vortex alloy wheel ceramic coating


We are passionate about what we do. We are a new company, established in 2019. We are fully trained in all aspects of our work and are certified by the Institute of the Motor Industry.  We would love to help you create your unique car. 

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